Evening edition: 22-Jan-13


Some random stuff to cap off the night:

Free download: She’s Electric’s Daguerrotype
One-man band based in LA who messes with lo-fi and experimental music. 8-bit fans: TAKE NOTICE! I’ve wanted to post this for a week, and just haven’t. Damn window has been open for a week. Check out the entire EP on Bandcamp.

Check out: “Lionel The Lion-Faced Man”

Fleetwood Mac“Dreams” (Walter Sobcek Remix)
Walter Sobcek is a French duo from Paris that specialize in remixes. They made us dance to Fleetwood Mac. You will too. Check out an entire cornucopia of stuff on Soundcloud.

Daniel Rossen and Chris Bear goofing around and a Remix
From the curiosity only department…Daniel Rossen is back tweeting outtakes, this one from Shields. Don’t get all goofy! It was recorded on his cell phone and it’s truly an outtake. Chris Bear is on drums and Rossen is hammering the knob on an arpeggiator synth. It’s begging for someone to remix it with something over and under it.

Here is something more fun and accessible
Lindstrom’s remix of “Gun Shy” by Grizzly Bear:

Iron and Wine – “Such Great Heights”
(Postal Service Cover) Live in NYC
Is it me or does this sound nothing like the original? Love it!

Which Fuzz do you like better?:

Just outta curiosity…

Splashh – “Need It”


Shinie – “Ennui”



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