Sunday Ramblings & Considerations

In this edition: Discover the electropop goodness of North Carolina’s Dash; check out tracks from Honeymilk, Noisik and Terrible Spaceship; and enjoy videos from Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski, Moddi, Sing Fang, Sillyboy, and The Woken Trees.

Discover: Dash


Dash is an electropop outfit that excels at developing danceable grooves and sweet hooks that will drive you to hit play repeatedly. The North Carolina quintet is based in Raleigh, but some of the members also call Wilmington home. Dash will appeal to those who enjoy early MGMT (Kids/Time to Pretend) and Passion Pit.


“Into The Sounds”

Consider these:

Honeymilk – “This Time Around (The Gods Won’t Save Me)” (free download)
When I first heard this single, I thought this band might be from around here. Their accessible, southern rock/alt. country sound is refreshing, like some Scandinavian cousin of Uncle Tupelo. Check out and download the Replacements’ inspired indie rocker, “It Might Be” here. Expect to see a full album from Honeymilk later this year.

Noisik – “Cream” (free download)
Single out now via Love Our Records
The South East London producer delivers some delectable beats while straddling the chillwave/tropical genre.

Terrible Spaceship – “Stardust” [mp3]
from Invaders 1938
released 5 January on Bandcamp
Terrible Spaceship uses samples and live instrumentation to develop original scores. The band brings back to life Orson Welles’ dramatic faux-news broadcast of H.G. Welles’ “War of the Worlds.” It’s an intoxicating recording that’s funky, fun, and inventive. Get it on Bandcamp.

Videos, videos, videos…

Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski – “Don’t You Take It Too Bad”
A Townes Van Zandt cover
Isn’t it nice to hear a Townes Van Zandt cover? This one was performed, recorded, filmed, and edited by Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski at Dandysounds Studio in Ukrainian Village of Chicago on the last day of 2012. Dandysounds is the recording home to many independent musicians in Chi-town. What’s to love? Its simplicity is its beauty. The angelic and ethereal vocals of Emily Cross don’t hurt either.

Moddi – “House By The Sea”
from Set the House on Fire
out 8 March on Propeller
Pål Moddi Knutsen aka Moddi comes from an island called Senja in the far north of Norway. He’s currently based in Oslo. “House By The Sea” recalls the fragile beauty of Nick Drake. Hopeful, tender and filmed beautifully, you’ll feel a little better having watched this video.

Sin Fang – “Look at the Light”
from Flowers
out 19 February
“Look at the Light” is the second release from  Sindri Már Sigfússon’s highly anticipated third album, Flowers. The inventive Icelander doesn’t leave it to music only; it’s a spectacularly shot video. Can we now lose ‘The Icelandic Beck’ moniker?

Sillyboy – “Coast to Coast”
from Nature of Things
released 24 October 2012  on Just Gazing Records
“Coast to Coast” is a feature track from the Athenian art-rocker’s second album. Deep grooves from the bass and guitars drive this song. Stream the album here.

The Woken Trees“Yells”
from NNON
out 11 March on Pad & Pen Records
We streamed “Yells” from Copenhagen’s The Woken Trees earlier this week. The video just adds to the menacing feel of this song.



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