Afternoon Edition: 17-Jan-13


f y f e – “Solace”
single from an upcoming EP
out March 2013
We don’t know much about fyfe. He’s a London-based musician, and “Solace” is the first peep we’ve had at the new EP. It’s an engaging piece of experimental pop with post-rock and electronic elements. Its deliberate, contemplative minimalism is extremely intoxicating. Well done.

Bombers – “Drawing”
single b/w “Buddy’s in a Cult”
out 28 January 2013
This post-punk outfit out of Birmingham (UK) are equal parts snarly and snarky. “Drawing” plays like sanity’s edge, threatening to go off the rails at any time with bites of guitar and vocalist David Duell experiencing bouts of frantic mania. What’s surprising is the b-side, “Buddy’s in a Cult”, which also plays like controlled lunacy, just a bit more sardonic. Quick hitting punk that scrubs your ears with single coils, short walks on the bass, and punchy drums.


The Woken Trees – “Yells”
from NNON
out 11 March on Pad & Pen Records
The sextet from Copenhagen smash out industrial grade goth with buzzing guitars that lure you into a world of darkness and gloom. It’s a glorious place.



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