Evening Edition


Love Streams – “Shock Corridor”
Single from an upcoming album (get it here)
Will Sheff’s new solo project seems like a cathartic release or maybe he just needed to do his own thing. Identity can get lost when playing in a band. “Shock Corridor” has an electropop feel, and very different than anything you’ve heard from Okkervil River. That stated, you can tell it’s Sheff, his melancholic vocals cloud through.

On his website, he writes: “In the early part of last year I started renting a room down in a basement a couple neighborhoods over from my apartment in Brooklyn and I started going in and working every day of the week there, just shutting the door and writing until evening. I decided to do a project there I’d wanted to do for years and years, which is to make an album by myself and for myself, an album that doesn’t owe anything to music I made before. When I finished the album I decided I’d give some the songs away for free since it cost almost nothing to make. So here’s one of the songs, over here on this site. The name of the project is Lovestreams.”

The album was recorded at the Crystal Snifter in Brooklyn, NY. It was mixed by Phil Palazzolo at the Honeyjar, Brooklyn. Cover art by Jacob Escobedo.

We’re just streaming it. See Will’s site for the free download.

Notes Floats – “Everything” Feat. Grand Wizard Theodore
released 14 January on Love Our Records
This mad mix is filled with Old School hip hop courtesy of Grand Wizard Theodore, who has that eighties flavor. I don’t remember him from the eighties, but he’s got that kind of handle. Fun stuff, free download.

Autoheart – “Lent”
from Lent (EP)
out 11th February 2013 iTunes
Some anxiety about the upcoming season? Kitschy video? 80’s new wave feel and a video from odd fifties clips? It’s all there, and it all works. This London-based quartet prides itself ability to deliver clever pop while bombarding you with BPM.



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