Afternoon Edition


Jeremy Squires – “Central Nervous System”
from Central Nervous System (EP)
released 8 January on Bandcamp
All the while we’ve been oblivious to the presence of this great singer-songwriter in our backyard. A product of New Bern, NC, Jeremy Squires’ authentic and earnest recordings are instantly appealing. There’s not a lot of glamour or glitz in his songs, which are often recorded as lo-fi. It’s plaintive folk with the bite of the eastern shore behind it. Check out his entire catalog on Bandcamp.

TelekinesisTelekinesis – “Ghosts and Creatures”
from Dormarion
out 2 April on Merge
Dormarion is Ben Lerner’s third LP on Merge. It’s hard to believe he’s only 26, he’s always seemed so mature. The album is a collaborative effort with Spoon’s Jim Eno. The pair pulled together the record in two weeks during a stint in Austin.

ForeignFriendsForeign Friends – “Home” (free download)
from Maps (EP)
released 14 January on Bandcamp
The dark synth duo from Seattle are back with their second EP. Once again, they’re offering it free on Bandcamp. This one is as cool as the Arctic circa 1950–chilly… Maps features two remixes of the track “Magnets” that are guaranteed to make you move. Don’t forget to grab their first EP, Measurements, and the killer single, “The Critic”, while on Bandcamp.

Disco is Dead“Vents” [mp3]
There’s a rapid, post-punk feel to this recording that recalls early 80s alternative radio. The Sydney-based trio took some time late last year to punch out “Vents”.  Apparently, the former school chums are tearing it up in the New South Wales’ club scene.



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