The Morning Mail

Good morning! Hope your week has improved as much as mine has. We have three stellar tracks to share today from St Tropez, Blind Architect, and the new Josh Mease project, Lapland.


St Tropez – “In Pictures”
out now on Bandcamp
This San Francisco-based quartet just released my new ‘jam’. On their best single to date, St Tropez’s “In Pictures” moves from listless melancholy to jubilant explosion. Its DNA is pop, but the use of experimental techniques and attention to sound boost this track into the stratosphere. Highly recommended. Pick it up on Bandcamp.

Blind Architect – “Lebanon” (free download)
The small harbor city of Kokkola, Finland is home to Blind Architect. The post-rock/shoegaze-band will release their debut album in March. They enlisted Jonas Olsson as producer, who has previously produced the band, Callisto. “Lebanon” is a powerhouse single that explodes and then subsides sweetly.

Lapland – “Unwise” (free download)
from Lapland
out  26 March 2012
Lapland is the new identity for singer-songwriter, Josh Mease, whose music has grown increasingly eclectic and experimental in nature. “Unwise” myriad sounds form a subtle rhythm for his wavering vocals to float above. Subtle changes in chords and sneaky synth accouterments create a stoic, ethereal world.



To conclude this morning, I want to encourage everyone to check out the David Byrne/Annie Clark performance posted to NPR yesterday. The pair joined forces to record Love This Giant in 2012, and NPR catches them live at the Music Center at Strathmore music hall in Bethesda, MD on September 30, 2012. It’s a stellar performance with songs from Love This Giant, plus hits from each player. The choreography is also brilliant. It made my evening last night. Check it out here.



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