The Morning Mail

Android Angel

Android Angel – “Chicago John”
from Lie Back and Think of England
out sometime in 2013 on Sex Farm Records
Paul Coltofeanu aka Android Angel wrote most of this album while volunteering on a farm in the Romanian mountains during the Summer of 2011. Driven by a contagious keyboard riff, the song uses some well placed guitar licks and deft drum machine programming to keep the groove alive. Once again, Colotfeanu displays a knack for integrating elements of the classic and post-rock genres. I’d like to see his album collection.

The Soft Moon

The Soft Moon – “Insides” (Live at the Mercury Lounge)
2013-01-08 at the Mercury Lounge (taped by acidjack)
If you don’t follow the NYC taper‘s blog, here is a great reason to start. He’s hosting last night’s Soft Moon show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge, and it is out of this world. Big props to acidjack for delivering this matrix mix to the masses. After hearing it, I realized I left The Soft Moon’s Zeros off my honorable mention list for 2012. It’s a mature post-rock album that recalls the goth heavy era made popular by The Cure and The Jesus and Mary Chain. “Insides” is awash with synth, dissonant guitar chords, and a heavy, droning bass. Get the show, and get Zeros.



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