Discover: MANS


London-based quartet, MANS, releases the single  “Strict Face” b/w “Mellow Magic Marker” on  28 January via Teeth Records.  Their about page reads, “An Iranian entrepreneur, an Italian metronome, a heartbroken Mongolian and a failed American svengali finding their way somewhere between Portishead and Prince.” I know that half of these descriptions are written by clever PR people, but I have to believe this is a band-written description; it’s a bit cheeky, but sounds like they’ve played some awareness games.

There is so much to like on the single and b-side from MANS. “Strict Face” recalls late 70s era Rolling Stones with it’s playful arrangement, sexual coos, and Jaggeresque falsetto on lead vocals. “Mellow Magic Marker” amps up the space, while maintaining that too cool for school vibe. Love the punchy bass work on both songs. Buy your digital and physical copies through Bandcamp.

“Strict Face”

“Mellow Magic Marker”



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