The Morning Mail


Brighter Later – “The Woods”
single from an upcoming album
Brighter Later floats along in the ether, enrapturing innocent listeners along the way.  Love the harmonies and electric keys on this track. Purchase it on Bandcamp.

China Rats – “(At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed”
released 8 October 2012 on Once Upon A Time
Two China Rats’ tunes in two days? The post-punk groove with slight snarl could not be denied.

Rice Cultivation Society – “Honey Hide”
from Sky Burial
out 15 January on Mecca Lecca Records
Rice Cultivation Society is the work of Long Island native, Derek Smith. The guitar might drive “Honey Hide” but what grabs you is the feeling like everything is teetering on the brink of cacophony. Sounds escape and are reined back, only to bust out in spurts like water from a leaky dam. At once poignant and on the brink of chaos, “Honey Hide” demands replay. Check out more material from the Rice Cultivation Society on Bandcamp, where many albums are available for a contribution to the virtual tip jar.



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