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This morning we have a bit of diversity: a ‘lounge balladry’ act, the Colt Kraft Band; and we revisit Norwegian Arms, who are about to release their first LP.

Colt Kraft Band


The Colt Kraft Band is set to officially release their debut recording at Columbia City Theater in Seattle tonight. They describe their sound as ‘lounge balladry’ and when you hear the tracks “Heavy Drinker” and “Truth of the Matter” you’ll understand. Gentle pedal steel permeates these songs, and Kraft’s smooth voice and cool delivery suggest a quiet country lounge club act.

Colt Kraft is originally from Corrales, New Mexico. He moved to Seattle to attend school and ended up settling in the area, where he has performed for years. His band is comprised of Tyler Potts, Grant Robinson, and Jamie Henwood with guest pedal steel by Olie Eshleman. They’ve been together for a little over two years, recording and releasing the EP, Steady Jobs: Occasional Recordings and Other Mishaps, which favors Roy Orbison a bit. The new material has a bit more space and subtly, which should make an interesting set for tonight.

I wish I was in Seattle.

“Heavy Drinker”

“Truth of the Matter”

Norwegian Arms

Norwegian Arms

Out of Philadelphia, Norwegian Arms is comprised of Brendan Mulvihill (aka Keith Birthday) and Dr. Dog’s Eric Slick (Dr. Awkward) .  Back in May, we featured ”Tired of Being Cold” which was the first song off their upcoming LP, Wolf Like A Stray Dog. That album is set for a January 15 release date.

Wolf Like A Stray Dog was recorded by Mulvihill while living deep in Siberia, in the city of Tomsk. “Tired of Being Cold” reflects Mulvihill’s frustration with the extreme cold of the Siberian winter. That image stands in stark contrast to the song’s tempo and feel, which is upbeat and ebullient. The rest of the album is full of bright, rhythmic freak folk songs that are immediately heartening and enchanting.

Today, we feature “At The Formerly British Council Supported English Centre” and the title track. You can order the album on limited edition white vinyl ($17 for an edition of 300 copies), CD ($10 for an edition of 100), or cassette ($8 an edition of 100). Digital copies are on the virtual tip jar system. Go to Bandcamp for details and to stream the entire album. I ordered my vinyl copy this morning.

A recent tweet indicates the band is headed to Austin for SXSW, and would like booking at a SXSW party (we’d like to acknowledge Bruce Warren of Some Velvet Blog for the retweet). If you can help out, contact them norwegianarms at gmail dot com.

“At the Formerly British Council Supported English Centre”

“Wolf Like A Stray Dog”



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