The Morning Mail: 04-January-13

Checking Back with Old Tramp


It’s been several weeks since we last featured the Johnno Casson side project ‘Old Tramp’, and we see that he’s released a few new tracks. We were recently in touch with Johnno via e-mail, and he reports that he is happy as he is surprised by the experience. Casson tells us that “what started out as one man taking out his musical frustration and pure delight on a synth, a drum & much more besides…has gotten legs.”

As an experiment, Casson surreptitiously released the song, “Kiss My Arse.” It was an attempt to divest him from previous recordings, while trying to see what kind of attention it could garner. The endeavor was very much DIY, as Casson puts it, “one man with a synth under my arm and a beat in my heart.” Within days of posting it to Soundcloud, BBC Introducing, BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio played it. The experiment worked and soon followed “Middle of Nowhere (Just Dance)” and “The Loneliest Fool In This Town.”

Since that time, Casson received offers to perform gigs for his ‘five-piece band’ and tells us that this new project’s been described as, “Tame Impala meets The Smiths at T-Rex’s house.” The success continues as people are interested in releases from Old Tramp. As we remarked several weeks back, we can’t help noticing how Johnno’s music changes with each persona. Today we offer the electropop groove, “Wrong Un”; the funky electrostomper, “Puppets”; and the murky, industrial-house amalgam, “Pain Threshold.” All the while, it’s just Johnno having fun. We should all be so lucky and gifted.

“Wrong Un”


“Pain Threshold”



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