Afternoon Edition: 04-Jan-13

One more 2012 mix for you to consider!

pvc 74Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 74 – The Best of 2012
Coop from Polyvinyl Craftsmen (PVC) out of Southend-on-Sea (an eastern suburb of London) sent us a link to their Best of 2012 mix. They produce a weekly podcast called the PVC Transmission.   They also happen to run an indie record label specializing in limited edition vinyl. The mix is an eclectic and, at times, eccentric selection of ‘garage punk’ tracks coming from rockabilly, psychobilly, garage, surf, and experimental records collected or produced by the Polyvinyl Craftsmen (PVC) over 2012. Some of it is from 2012, and some of it is from earlier. Nonetheless, the music and commentary are beyond entertaining. I think I found a regular Friday listening gig.  Check’em out here.

Consider these:

While we took some time and ran a few ‘best of’ and mix posts, a few artists we like were hard at work releasing material from upcoming releases.

Fuzz – “This Time I Got A Reason” b/w “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream”
7-inch release
out now (on backorder!) on Trouble In Mind


Chicago punk label wrangles Ty Segall to sing and play drums, while his live-band guitarist, Charlie Moothart, rocks out the fuzzy guitar. The project’s name is derived from the ‘Fuzz-Face’ pedal, a favorite of Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend. Think Black Sabbath goes proto-punk here. Segall has the Midas touch once again.

“This Time I Got A Reason”

“Fuzz’s Fourth Dream”

Local Natives – “Heavy Feet”
from Hummingbird
out 28/29 January on Infectious/French Kiss
It seems like yesterday that Gorilla Manor arrived and launched Local Natives into the indie music blogosphere. It’s been four years! Ah, but the harmonies, insane rhythm, and dreamy atmosphere that made folks fall in love with this SoCal act is all there on “Heavy Feet.” Welcome back!

Paperfangs – “Bathe in Glory”
from Past Perfect
22 February on Soliti
The Finnish synth-pop act is back with a dreamy release from their debut LP. It’s a bit darker than material found on their EP, AAVVAV, demonstrating an enchanting evolution in sound.

“Say To You”
“Leave It All Behind”
“While I’m Alive”
from Miracle Mile
out 19 February on Polyvinyl


Talk about a blitz! Three tracks in the span of three weeks, and all the while our heads are in the clouds. Well, they’re all here. The follow up to the excellent, Reptilians (2011–one of our faves), Starfucker or STRFKR releases a trio of diverse tracks. There’s the hazy, washed out sounds of “Say to You” that sounds like Plastic Ono-era Lennon; the slow-rave, late night feel of “Leave It All Behind”, and the funky complexity of “While I’m Alive.” They take the foot off the pedal a bit, but the subtle complexity and meandering in each song are rewards for the careful listener.

“Say To You”

“Leave It All Behind”

“While I’m Alive”



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