The Morning Mail: 03-JAN-13


astronautsAstronauts, etc. – “Charity”
new demo
Anthony Ferraro is back with a new demo. It’s darker and more eerie than past efforts, departing from the quiet dreampop of Supermelodic Pulp. A great track that’s sure to make our monthly mix.

Fonda – “Seeing Stars”
from Sell Your Memories 
out 5 February 2013 on Minty Fresh
The LA-based duo is back with their follow-up to Better Days (EP, 2011). “Seeing Stars” is a blissed out, majestic piece of dream pop that will grab you instantly. Pre-order Sell Your Memories on 180 gram vinyl, here (and get a preview of it through YouTube).

This Much
“Steady Feet” and “The Noise”
self-release available via SoundCloud
There’s loads of subtle atmosphere on these first recordings from the Boston-based trio, This Much. These folk-inspired tracks are marked by mellow melodies and recall the guitar work of Nick Drake.

“Steady Feet”

“The Noise”

Western Lows – “Gave Away” and “Lazy”
from Glacial an upcoming LP
This LA-based, dream pop trio is a bit of a mystery. Stumbled upon these tracks the other day, and was instantly enraptured with each. “Gave Away” favors big build, dream pop with its heavy layers of guitar and synth. “Lazy” favors droning guitars and more shoegaze than dream pop. Not many fans on Facebook, but worth a follow based on these two tracks.

“Gave Away”




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