Sometimes Monthly Mix: Blogophilia Vol. 42


The sometimes monthly music mix, Blogophilia will slowly transition to the title “Sometimes Monthly” while retaining the volume number. This mix was created with promotional tracks featured on The Dadada and other music blogs in November and December of 2012. We hope you enjoy it, and please remember to support those artists you enjoy.

Sometimes Monthly Mix
Blogophilia Vol. 42
Gapless mix ripped at 320 kbps


01 In My Bed – The Orwells
02 History Eraser – Courtney Barnett
03 Sinking Ship – Port Isla
04 Argonauts – The Little Ones
05 Decorate – Shugo Tokumaru
06 Love Is Like A Bottle of Gin – Savannah Smith
07 Night of Broken Glass – Trapped Mice
08 Tawazula – Lumerians
09 Purple – Day Joy
10 Holy Roller – Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
11 Fractured – Dead Stars
12 Borrowed Time – Parquet Courts
13 Who Are You – Ty Segall
14 You and Me – Teen Mom
15 Ballad of the Golden Hour – Widowspeak
16 Where Are You Going_ – Songs For Walter
17 Beta Love – Ra Ra Riot
18 Jean’s Waving – Amor de Dias
19 Dublin – Dave DiMarco
20 A Summer Daydream Part 1 – The Airplanes

Download all songs in one zip



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