Thedadada Winter Mix 2012-2013

A hibernation Mix for your winter blues…

Winter Mix 12_13

Click here to download a ZIP file with all tracks & album art.

Thedadada Winter Mix 2012-2013
1. Old Man – Marble Lion (single)
2. severed hed- the human fly (from everything feels bad all at once)
3. Black Sheep – Royal Baths (from Better Luck Next Life)
4. Her Fantasy – Matthew Dear (from Beams)
5. Lord Knows – Dum Dum Girls (from End of Daze)
6. Tidal Wave – Husky (from Forever So)
7. Embers – Maitland (from (from a cabin in the woods))
8. Two Lights – Borko (from Born To Be Free)
9. Limitations – Black Marble (from A Different Arrangement)
10. Plague – Crystal Castles (from (III))
11. Under the Rainbow – Frank Rabeyrolles (dublab single)
12. The Landscape is our Escape – Dream Curtain (single)
13. Secret Days – The School of Seven Bells (from Put Your Sad Down)
14. Stockholders – Harness Flux (from Stockholders)
15. The Western Badmen – The White Pages (from Bonfire on West Beach)
16. Tyger Wine – The Exquisite Corps (from Exquisite Corps)
17. Born – Split Screens (from Split Screens EP)
18. Jettison – Slowwave (single)
19. Scattered Like Leaves – Azure Ray (from LBJ-176)
20. The End – Red Aces (from The End & No Love Here)

Happy New Year!


6 responses to “Thedadada Winter Mix 2012-2013

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  2. I’m not positive, but I believe The White Pages should be The White Papers with their album “Bonfire On West Beach”.

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