The Morning Mail: 22-DEC-12


Stars in Coma
“Uncolored Dreams”
“Come to Me”
from You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic Air
released 21 December 2012 
Stars in Coma is from Malmö. The band is fronted by André Brorsson, who writes and records most of the music is his Moonport Studios in Malmö. Their emotive brand of indie pop relies on thoughtful arrangement, blending elements of jangle, power, and synth pop.

“Uncolored Dreams”

“Come to Me”

Matt Script – “IDC”
from Thru The Noise
released 27 November 2012
Credit Jason Grad aka City Brat for this pick. Chicago-based artist, Matt Script’s “IDC” (I don’t care) bounces along cheerfully, while trapped in an amotivated stated. Pay what you want for it on Bandcamp.

Talkfine – “She Never”
from Lesser Known Hits
released 8 May 2012
Dude, stay away from that chick. I dated her in college…she’s a lot older than she looks. This chillwave track has a great disco feel, and we love the DIY feel to this cheeky video. We again tip our hat to Jason Grad aka City Brat for this recommendation.

The Rescues  – “Everything’s Gonna Be Better Next Year”
from Blah Blah Love And War 
out sometime in 2013 
Another DIY-style video featuring ‘Redneck Californian’ comedia Ray Don. The LA-based band gives us a reason to forget  the near apocalypse of 2012 and look to all the possibilities 2013 brings.


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