The Morning Mail 19-DEC-12

Discover: Take Berlin


Chance meetings and common interests initiated the bond between Jesse Barnes and Yvonne Ambree. The pair worked as touring musicians in separate bands when they first crossed paths at the Baltic Soul Festival in northern Germany. A second encounter in Glasgow forged a musical partnership. Trips between Brooklyn and Berlin led to the Lionize EP, which will be out sometime in January. The pair were tapped to mix the 44 Flavors mixtape (No. 7), and shared the “Lionize” and a cover of Kate Bush’s “The Fog” on that recording. You can check out the entire mixtape here.

Recorded using vintage analog equipment, a guitar and Wurlitzer, the pair are wrapping up recording the EP using a cassette deck.  “Lionize” is a bedroom pop reverie with Ambree trading vocals with Barnes on a fantastic somnambulist’s walk. “The Fog” uses a Bossa Nova arrangement, and comes off a bit dreamier than Bush’s eerie nightmare.

Check out: “Lionize”

Check out: “The Fog”

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Consider These

Brøthers – “We Are Pushing On”
electropop stylings from a mystery band

from an upcoming 2013 release
It’s always interesting when we receive an email with little more than a SoundCloud link and a cryptic reference to the identities of the band members. Here is what was submitted, “Hello DaDaDa, We are Brøthers, a new band comprised of members who have been in other bands for a long time. We thought based on your tastes and interests in music that you might enjoy our debut effort, ‘We Are Pushing On’.” Well  Brøthers, you’re right, we like it. We really like it.

The Farewell Circuit – “The Light”
originally recorded on In Our Bones (Get it: Bandcamp)
released 31 October 2011
The Farewell Circuit share their third live-recorded video from sessions filmed this summer. This time it’s a walk through Bryn Mawr park in Minneapolis. Again, they manage to deliver an excellent performance and offer us a unique take on a fantastic song. The only question I have: “how the hell did they not run into each other?” Amazing coordination!

Grises – “Después de todo”
from No Se Alarme Señora, Soy Soviético
(Don’t Be Alarmed Miss, I am a Soviet)
out 21 January 2012 on Origami
Grises, or ‘Greys’ in English, are set to release their second LP, and we preview “Después de todo” (After All), an expansive pop song that really captures Grises dynamic sound. While we’ve only seen videos from live performances, friends from España tell us that it’s something to behold, much like Arcade Fire. The quintet will no doubt embark on a massive tour to support the release.



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