The New 12.18.12


Sin FangSin Fang – Young Boys [mp3] (from Flowers, out Feb 19th on Morr Music)
The third album from Icelander Sindri Már Sigfússon offers transfixing psych-pop that is elegantly constructed from layers of chaotic noise and tantric melodies.  Sindri explains the records genesis: “I was thinking a lot about pre-teenage and teenage feelings.  The exaggerated feelings and dramatic thoughts that most teenagers go through: Love and rejection, the constant ups and downs…I thought Flowers was a good name for that theme as they are used both for sad and happy occasions.”  

Tiger HighBe the Indian [mp3] (from Catacombs After Party, out now on Trashy Creatures Records)
Featuring Greg Roberson (of Arthur Lee’s Love, Compulsive Gamblers, and other bands) on drums, Memphis’ Tiger High make unpolished, gleeful psych-garage pop.

Elektra ZagrebElektra Zagreb – Kesey Palms [mp3] (from Kesey Palms EP, out Feb on Hardly Art)
Second EP from Portuguese dream-poppers channels the unlikely combination of Pavement and David Bowie.  Looking forward to this release in February.

Oceanography – Napoleon Holiday [mp3] (from Parachutes of Plenty, just released – name your price on bandcamp)
Loud/anthemic americana, post-rock.

twp-bonfire-coverThe White Papers – The Western Badmen [mp3] (from Bonfire on West Beach, out now on Ojet Records)
Lance Scott (of Bull Theives) joins forces with Brandon Davis on guitar (Indian Jewelry, The Electric Set), Oren Bloedow on bass (Elysian Fields, 101 Crustaceans), and utilizes contributions from Task (Bull Thieves, BirdLikeBats), Ed Pastorini (101 Crustaceans), Jeanann Dara (Smoke & Flowers) and Joan Hiller on guest vocals.  The album is set in 19th Century Galveston, TX – a dangerous, lawless era when the city was under the thumb of French pirate Jean Lafitte.

Ted Morris – We’re Calling It Love [mp3] (from It’s All About You And The Rest’s About Me, out now)
Native of Hässleholm, Sweden makes dark and haunting Americana that grabs your attention.

StarsStars – Backlines (8 ½ Remix)[mp3] (original song is from The North, out now)
Nice tune from the new Stars album remixed by 8 ½ to be re-created as synth pop.


Mice Parade – This River Has a Tide (from Candela, out Jan 29th on Fat Cat Records)
Mice Parade continue to make imaginative and enthralling music.  For the new album –  Candela – Adam Pierce gets help from members of MACHA, The Dylan Group, Mum, and HiM.

huskeyrescueHusky Rescue – Deep Forest Green [mp3] (from Deep Forest Green EP, out now on El Camino)
Experimental Nordic pop with rich, full sound and enchanting vocals.  New album forthcoming in 2013 should be well worth checking out.

Jamaican Queens – Kids Get Away (from Wormfood, out March 5th on S/S Friends)
‘Trap-pop’ from Detroit duo that mix hip-hop, electronic, and bombastic expressionism (similar to MGMT) – a cautionary tale about the dangers of the urban environment that encourages care & not to fall prey to fear.

Sean Bones – United (from Buzzards Boy, out now on S/S Friends)
Colorful, jubilant sounds, awash in reverb guitars and playful percussion, highlighting the songwriting and performing talents of a young dreamer.


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