Morning Mail: 17-DEC-12


Broke – “Restless Beach”
from the Lifestyle Mixtape
Self-described ‘dark-coloured disco’, “Restless Beach” is part of a nine-track mixtape from this Copenhagen-based, electro-rock outfit . Get a free download of the mixtape here.

Dan Deacon – “True Thrush”
performed live on Jimmy Kimmel
from America
released 28 August 2012
Dan Deacon does his best to make his performance a party for everyone. I wonder if his app works on my Ipad.

Dirty Projectors – “The Socialites”
from Swing Low Magellan
released 30 March 2012
Love the manipulation of sound on this song. It contrasts nicely with the earnest vocal delivery.

Eels – “New Alphabet”
from Wonderful, Glorious
out 5 February 2013
Mr. Consistency puts in a nice bridge on this track. Check out the video for “Peach Blossom” here.

Ra Ra Riot – “Beta Love”
from Beta Love
out 22 January 2013
An absolutely jubilant track, that has them diving headlong into synth pop territory. Pre-order and stream their upcoming third LP, here.

Happy Monday!


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