The Morning Mail: 14-DEC-12

Discover: Songs for Walter


Songs for Walter is the brainchild of singer-songwriter, Laurie Hulme. The artist’s nom de plume is also a tribute to his late grandfather, Walter, whose life serves as inspiration for the EP, Meet Me at the Empire.  The EP and self-titled single describes Walter’s first date with Hulme’s grandmother. “Tin Can” another standout from the EP, is a song about the journey to their holiday place in Scotland. On the EP, Hulme uses acoustic instruments with just tinges of effect in experimental pop compositions.

Songs for Walter – “Meet Me At The Empire”

Songs for Walter is preparing for another release, issuing a series of free downloads through February. These recordings explore new sonic territory while staying rooted in the indie pop/rock vein. Three current tracks exist, and we share those today. “Moon/Two Out of Ten” (released today) focuses on Walter’s disdain for space travel and other non-essential scientific endeavors. The lyrically reflective, “Where Are You Going” uses a piano  recorded through a Dictaphone giving it an odd percussive quality–much like an industrial era factory with all cylinders going. The beauty and grandeur of “Tougher than Soldier’s Boots” is in stark contrast to its lyrical content, as it tackles the arrogant and intolerant dogma of religious extremism.

What’s most satisfying about reviewing Songs for Walter is that one can discern a clear trajectory for this young artist. If Meet Me At The Empire demonstrates precociousness, these new singles are evidence of continued growth and depth in songwriting. Hulme has expanded out from the familiar to him by initiating the process of tapping into what is familiar to all.

“Moon/Two Out of Ten”

“Where Are You Going”

“Tougher Than Soldier’s Boots”

“Tin Can”

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