The Morning Mail: 13-DEC-12


Bear Ceuse – “Dixie Brothers”
from Don Domestique
out 26 February 2012 on Medical Records
This indie rocker will put that jolt in your arse this morning. The Brooklyn-based outfit comes out swinging with this first single.

Dead Wolf Club – “Strange Letters”
from Scene not Herd
out 14 January 2013
The London-based post-rock band describes their sound as “Dark punk, geek rage, post punk…We’re called a lot of things these days.” I call it gripping, aggressive, and incredibly appealing.

Your Youth

Your Youth

Your Youth
“What Smarts”
“Thick Gold (Bodied)”
from Battery EP
released 6 November 2012 on Old Flame Records
This duo from NYC is known for their edgy indie pop tunes. You can stream and purchase Battery on Bandcamp.

“What Smarts” (mp3) (via)

“Thick Gold (Bodied)” (mp3)

Deru – “Fadeaway”
from Say Goodbye to Useless
released 2010
Dropping mad beats while screwing with yo’ mind. Directed by Sofia Garza-Barba.



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