Afternoon Edition: 12-12-12

An assortment of new soundz to delight the ears and tickle your fancy. What the hell is a fancy? Who cares, enjoy!

Smoke Fairies

Smoke Fairies – “Awake”
from Blood Speaks
released 21 May 2012
Smoke Fairies trace their sound back to the days of Fairport Convention and the 60’s British Folk Revival. Their silky, melancholy harmonies and dark lyrical imagery are complemented by careful composed electro-folk music. Stream the Blood Speaks in its entirety on SoundCloud, it’s one of the year’s best.

Niko Niko! – “Cosy Places”
from Niko Niko! (extended single)
released 4 December 2012 via Ear Drums Pop
Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Nickolai Nilsen is based in Bergen, Norway. After playing in indie bands, Soda Fountain Rag and Catastrophes and taken a turn at a solo project (Princess Niko), Nilsen is back Niko Niko, the solo artist. “Cosy Places” is a sweetly enchanting pop tune with easy harmonies–high repeat play value on this track.  Pick up the entire extended single free on Ear Drums Pop or EP on Bandcamp.


The Hermit Crabs – “On The Spectrum”
from Time Relentless EP
released September 2012 on Matinée
I am still in my Belle and Sebastian, jangle pop mode. Mel and Kim are out of Glasgow and lead the Hermit Crabs who also play as five-piece. “On The Spectrum” offers those song elements that sate my current  music drive.

Wild Combination – “Great Expectations”
from Pulses EP
out ??? depends on YOU–see below
So if the Hermit Crabs satisfied a need for jangle pop, consider Wild Combination an evolution of the genre. The quartet out of Chelmsford (UK) is currently seeking your support to help release their Pulses EP. When you make a pledge, you get a free download of “Great Expectations”, so help the boys cover their costs.



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