The Morning Mail: 10-DEC-12


Some new stuff, new to us and new to you for your Monday review. Enjoy!

Discover: The Understudies


Maybe picking up a used copy of Belle & Sebastian’s Push Barman to Open Old Wounds this weekend has something to do with it,  but I can’t get sounds of The Understudies out of my head. This, after having heard the single, “A Girl I Used To Knock About With”, on the Odd Box Records SoundCloud page. One thing led to another, and now they are today’s feature.

The Understudies are a four-piece indie band based in London, whose members hail from Glasgow and Edinburgh. The songs are of the jangle-pop/Brit-pop persuasion with an oh so comfortable bit of twee. Instruments are of the amplified acoustic variety (guitars, ukes, accordions, glocks, etc). If you’re a fan of this type of music, you’ll have it on your speakers all day. I just wish there were more of it.

You can check out what we have below. Then move onto their vinyl releases on Odd Box.

Check out: “A Girl I Used To Knock About With”
from Wanting vs. Getting (EP)
released 2010 on Odd Box Records

Check out: “Wanting vs. Getting”
from Wanting vs. Getting (EP)
performed live on Julio Ruiz Disco Grande

Check out: “Flicknives”
performed live on Julio Ruiz Disco Grande

Check out: “Midnight Mass”
Christmas Single
released 6-Nov-2012

“Everyone Deserves At Least One Summer of Love”
7-inch single b/w “If I Come To You”
released: 18 July 2011

Consider These

Boats – “Great Skulls”
from A Fairway Full of Miners
out 5 February 2013 on Kill Rock Stars
The five-piece from Winnepeg dropped their first single from A Fairway Full of Miners this weekend. “Great Skulls” is expansive, integrating elements of punk and indie pop to stimulate that ‘I wanna dance’ part of your hypothalamus. You can buy the single now on Bandcamp for just a $1.

Padded Cell – “Guardians of the Night”
out 10 December 2012 on Different Recordings
Sometimes the name of a band and track will fool you. I was totally expecting a death metal tune and instead was presented with an electronic-dance floor number. Neil Higgins and Richard Sen are Padded Cell and have developed remixes for the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Bryan Ferry.

Zebra & Snake – “Now and Forever”
from Healing Snake
out now
This video is totally DIY. Apparently, the snow cooperated for the shooting of it. “Now and Forever” bounces around with majestic ebullience, like a modern Falco record with indie pop lineage. Pick up Healing Snake here.



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