Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 09-DEC-12

In this edition: discover Finland’s Delay Trees; listen to new tracks and remixes from John Cale, Goat, Grave Babies, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down and Metz; plus videos from Delay Trees, Exsonvaldes, and The Megaphonic Thrift.

Discover: Delay Trees

The hazy dream pop of Delay Trees is ripe with atmosphere and presence. The quartet is originally from Hämeenlinna (Finland), and currently based out of Helsinki. Their first recordings emerged in 2008 with the “About Brothers” single, followed by the Soft Construction EP (2009), their self-titled debut LP (2010), and the Before I Go Go EP (2011). These earlier recordings were melody-rich, harmonious dream pop supported by strong songwriting.


Their latest album, Doze (released October 2012 on Soliti), is an attempt to step outside a comfort zone, allowing for more improvisation and experimentation with ideas. Delay Trees admits that Doze is likely a transition album in that it is not reflective of a specific genre, but rather an opening to freely explore their musical intuition–much like Revolver was for the Beatles. This type of evolution will likely lead to a long, interesting career for the young, Finnish foursome.

Check out: “HML” from Doze

Check out: “Owls Go” from Before I Go Go EP
Download Before I Go Go free here

Check out: “Cassette” from Delay Trees LP

Watch the video for “About Brothers” below in Videos, videos, videos…

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Consider These

CaleJohn Cale – “Hatred”
The old master is back with a bonus track from 2012’s Shifty Adventures in Nookie Land. It is available only as a bonus 7″ that comes with the deluxe LP version available from Double Six. Double Six notes “that only 1 in 3 copies of this record contain Hatred as a bonus 7-inch as there are 3 different ‘mystery’ 7’s that you can end up with lucky dip style.” WHAT A TEASE!!! and what a way to make a song obscure in this era of get what you want, when you want.

Goat – “Run To Your Mama” (Pinkunoizu Remix)
originally from World Music
released 2o August 2012 via Rocket Recordings
This remix is a bit spacier than the original, accenting the popping rhythms and tweaking the background noise.

Grave Babies – “Over and Underground”
from Crusher
out 26 February 2013 on Hardly Art
Grave Babies are the morbid spawn of The Jesus and Mary Chain, producing hooks drenched in drone for their own brand of gloom pop.

METZ – “Dirty Shit” (single)
released 9 October 2o12 on Subpop
METZ doles out the fuzz again in this neo-punk jam. It will have you thrashing and crashing into your walls.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – “Holy Roller”
from We the Common
out 5 February 2013 on Ribbon Music
This is the first single from Thao and the GDSD’s long-awaited follow up to Know Better Learn Faster (2009). On “Holy Roller,” Thao turns an easy banjo tune into something enchanting.

Videos, videos, videos

Delay Trees – “About Brothers”
from Delay Trees
released 29 September 2010
A lovely tune, and even lovelier video. Directed by: Teemu Erämaa.

Exsonvaldes – “Seahorses”
from Lights
out 18 March 2013
Exsonvaldes is an electro-pop/rock outfit out of Paris. The video below was filmed in the Red Sea with dolphins and monofin swimmers cavorting.

The Megaphonic Thrift
“Tune Your Mind”
from The Megaphonic Thrift
released March 2012
We’re actually featuring a pair of videos from the Norwegian psych rockers in order of release, although the video for “Broken Glass/Yellow Fingers” is actually a prequel to this video for “Tune Your Mind.” Thrilling stuff with a bit of mystery. Guaranteed repeat watching.

The Megaphonic Thrift
“Broken Glass/Yellow Fingers”
from The Megaphonic Thrift



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