The Morning Mail: 07-DEC-12


A quick hitter as I head out the door for work. Three new tracks, plus a video for Django Django’s latest single. Grab a small bite, your favorite beverage for this time of day and enjoy!

City Reign – “Retaliate”
from Another Step
out 25 February 2013 on Carboot Records
A bit of a downshift from Manchester (UK) quartet. An accompaniment of strings effectively complements the emoting.

Django Django – “Life’s A Beach”
from Django Django
released 14 August 2012 in U.S.
So happy to see this album is getting the publicity it deserves. One of my favorites of 2012. We haven’t seen anything like this band since the early days of Devo. Check out their tour dates for Europe, the UK, Australia, and the US here.

Elephant Stone – “Heavy Moon”
from an upcoming release in 2013
A simply enchanting pop song that grabs you right away. “Heavy Moon” has a wake me up from shoegazing kind of feel. One of the few rock bands that uses a sitar as a feature instrument and gets away with it.

Francis Neve – “Call”
from an upcoming 2013 release
An uptempo, electro pop release that doesn’t beat you over the head with a lot of whizzbangery. Would like to hear more.



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