Fri. Free Feature: Balue – “Paradoxical Intention”

Balue - Paradoxical Intention - cover

Balue came to us as a suggestion from a friend who has great taste. Eli Thomas is a bedroom artist whose music is a lo-fi amalgam surf rock, psych pop, and electronica that vaguely recalls Bear Hands or the more obscure, Bronze, but as bedroom pop. Thomas calls it a headphone album, but it’s been on constant play in my car. So if you have decent set of speakers, turn up the volume. It’s not going to rock out, it’s more subtle than that, but it’s dynamic. The only flaw in the album is a cover of Baltimora’s “Tarzan Boy.” It does not fit the dynamic of the album (which would end nicely on the track, “STDT”), and it’s a stark contrast compared to the original–just a bit too abrasive and out of place. The rest of the album is enjoyable, and at times, flippin’ great. Smart, funny, and a pleasure to discover.

Check out: “Naked”

Check out: “STDT”

Download/Stream: Paradoxical Intention

Happy Friday!


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