The New 12.05.12


ClinicClinicMiss You [mp3] (from Free Reign, out now on Domino Records)
The surgical-mask-wearing foursome from Liverpool known as Clinic continue to make enchanting post-punky, art-rock.  Awash in multi-instrumentalist surrealism, their fifth album is a bit more subdued and psychedelic-tinged than previous efforts.

Onward ChariotsMama [mp3] (from This is My Confession, out Jan 29th now on Skipping Stones)
Strings, brass, and layers of vocal harmonies comprise these Brooklynites’ vision of frantic, sunshine chamber pop.

GLISSGLISSHunting [mp3] (from Langsom Dans, out Jan 22nd on Modern Outsider)
Danish-American trio “blending Scandinavian cool with American experimental soundscapes”.  Inspired by the likes of Liars, John Coltrane, and Depeche Mode, this track mixes heavy keyboard riffs (ala Crystal Castles) with ethereal vocals and atmospherics.  Superb production envelops the listener.

Turtle GiantGermany I & II [mp3] (from All Hidden Places EP, out now – free download on bandcamp)
Spacious and bleak post-rock with strident, Lee Renaldo-inspired guitars and yearning vocals reminiscent of the Black Heart Procession.

BorkoBorko – Two Lights [mp3] (from Born to Be Free, out now on Sound of a Handshake/Kimi Records)
Icelander Björn Kristiansson makes solo-recordings under the moniker, Borko.  His songs are grand explorations of cinematic art pop.


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