The Morning Mail: 05-DEC-12


A tasty selection of sounds and sights for your edification this morning. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Courtney Barnett“History Eraser” (single)
This is my current “jam” on It was featured on this month’s Music Alliance Pact, by the Australian Blog, Who the Bloody Hell Are They?.

The Farewell Circuit – “Make It Right”
from In Our Bones
released 31 October 2011 on Bandcamp
This is a must watch: great song, great video production. In the summer of 2012, The Farewell Circuit had four live-take music videos recorded with Brian Suerth, Ryan Taylor and A/V guru team. This is the first video to emerge from those sessions.

Old Tramp – “Middle of Nowhere (just dance)”
Old Tramp aka Johnno Casson keeps brings it with this electro dance-pop tune. A nice heavy groove, that needs to be played loudly. We can’t help noticing how Johnno’s music changes with each persona.

The State Broadcasters – “Trespassers”
from Ghosts We Must Carry
released 17 September 2012
Credit the band Flutes for turning us onto The State Broadcasters, whose blend of folk-pop is earnest and entertaining. Pick up the new album on Bandcamp or eMusic.

Shogu Tokumaru – “Decorate”
from In Focus?
out 22 January 2013 on Polyvinyl
A simply ebullient pop tune with soaring harmonies and driving rhythm; it’s hard not to be happy after hearing this song. Filled with intricacies, it demands headphones. Pick up the mp3 and pre-order the album here.

Wilhelm & the Dancing Animals – “All Along”
from The War of the Species
released 24 April 2012
Wilhelm and the Dancing Animals is an indie pop outfit out of Pamplona, Spain.”All Along” floats along with great rhythm, vocal tradeoffs, and harmony-filled choruses. The video is marked by a mystery with an unfortunate twist.



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