The Morning Mail: 04-DEC-12


Another Christmas tune, a couple of covers, and, as always, a bunch of artists you should get to know. Take 20 minutes out of your morning and enjoy these:

Curxes – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
A new twist on an old favorite, Roberta Fedora croons like a jazz chanteuse while MacAulay cools down the atmosphere with some tasteful synth play. Check out more sounds from Curxes here.

Annie Dressner – “Fly”
from Strangers Who Knew Each Other’s Names
released 19 July 2011 on Bandcamp
Singer-Songwriter Annie Dressner is a New York expatriate currently living in London. She integrates elements of folk and pop, but it’s her unique voice that’s immediately engaging. She’s in the process of recording a new EP, which will be released later in 2013. Annie recently released the single, “Out in the Cold”, to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Please consider picking it up.

Cass McCombs – “Empty Promises”
b-side to the Bradley Manning 7-inch
out now on Domino
Low key psych folk tune that’s a killer b-side. The Bradley Manning 7-inch is a limited vinyl release on Domino. Get it here.

Sarah Ledesma (Loplop) – “Yellow” (Cold Play cover)
A ukulele performance of the Cold Play hit. A nice minimalist interpretation that bucks the overproduction of the original. Ledesma plays in the Spanish band, Loplop. You can check out more of her solo material here.

“Everyday” (Buddy Holly Cover) single
“Oh I Wandered” from AAVAV on Soliti
The synth pop trio from Helsinki take a crack at the Buddy Holly classic, and it’s an endearing attempt. Not as happy go lucky as Buddy’s, but just as tender. It’s part of their Mixtape for Loiva, which can be streamed here. “Oh I Wandered” is a single release from their debut, AAVAV.


“Oh I Wandered”

Papercuts - AAVVAV

Papercuts – AAVVAV



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