The Morning Mail: 03-Dec-2012


Monday morning brings new tunes: a couple of pop tunes, a couple of holiday tunes. If it’s available, we’ll feature holiday music until Christmas. Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea (it’s about that time in Europe, right?) and enjoy.


Pinact – “Into the One”
from Spill Your Guts, Let Out Some Noise
released 2 September 2012 on Fat Cat Records
Glasgow-based duo are actually high school chums. There’s nothing surprising, but you’ll enjoy the fuzzed out, pop punk on this track. Turn it up to 11 and tie down everything–it will inspire pogo bouncing and random moshing behavior. Check out the entire EP on Bandcamp.

Joshua Smith – “Start Again”
from digital single on Bandcamp
Smith released “Start Again” and the EP, Songs for Ellie, in about the same month. Break up inspiration? seems like it. Check out the track “July” from …Ellie. We also feature a seasonal song from Joshua Smith, below.

Randolph’s Leap  – “Hermit”
from Hermit EP
released 26 October 2012
Glasgow outfit specializes in catchy, droll folk pop that reminds me a bit of The Kinks as they got older. Check out the rest of the Hermit EP here. More material on Bandcamp. Below, you can peep the video for “Mutiny.”

Seasonal Music:

Joshua Smith – “Snow”
Available on iTunes, this track has a great spirit to it. Consider getting it for your 2012 Holiday mix.

coverCave Sounds – “Christmas in Prison”
(John Prine)

from Christmas Spirit on Bandcamp
There is something endearing about this lo-fi recording of Prine’s classic song. Is it me, or does the glockenspiel seem to be mixed into this recording–seems a little too clear. Nonetheless, it’s a keeper.


Foxygen – “Shuggie”
from We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic
out 22 January 2013 on Jagjaguwar
Once officially on Jagjaguwar, it didn’t take long for Foxygen to get into the studio and pull this together. It’s what fans of the band love: lots of abrupt changes and campy stylings.

Randolph’s Leap – “Mutiny”
from Hermit EP
released 26 October 2012
See notes above in LISTEN.

Happy Monday…


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