Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 02-DEC-12

In this edition: Discover Day Joy; rare REM leaks; piracy or stewardship?, what happened to obscure music blogs and what function do they serve; tracks for your consideration; and we get all jangle poppy in videos today.

Discover Day Joy


Day Joy is a dream folk/pop outfit from Orlando. Formed by friends Michael Serrin and Peter Michael Perceval on their back porch, the duo expanded to include Travis Reed, Artie Burer, and Adam Ibrahim to play live and finalize their debut LP, Go To Sleep Mess.

Day Joy masterfully creates subtle, yet complex compositions using a mix of traditional instruments, synth tone atmosphere, faint samples, and eerie harmonies. It’s easy to get lost in the ether where these dreamscapes exist. Take the song “Purple.” It quietly opens lying in that place between wake and sleep. Guitar notes play what could pass for a lullaby, while a violin draws you into slumber. As the television fades out, the reverie begins with careful orchestration building until it fades into nothing. If you play “Go to Sleep Mess” next, it’s like a second chapter unfolding on a cloud. The harmonies and atmosphere cause the song to hover and bounce around your mind. It fades out with amps unplugging, piano covering some faint scale progression, while a barely audible conversation takes place in the background–you’re awake. “New Ordinary Time” maintains the atmospheric element, but bolsters the song with rhythm; it’s more dream pop than folk, but just as appealing.

Go To Sleep Mess is set for release on February 12 on Small Plates. Small Plates has a 7″ for the title track b/w the non-album cut “Destroyer.” The 7″ is available now. Prior to signing with Small Plates, Day Joy released the EP, Animal Noise and a 7″ for “New Ordinary.” You can still grab the Animal Noise EP here. Pick up some cool Day Joy schwag here.


“Go To Sleep Mess”


“New Ordinary”

Follow Day Joy: Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter | Bandcamp



Rare REM video footage pops up, old dudes like me get goofy…

Slicing Up Eyeballs premiered a rare 40 minute set from R.E.M. circa February 1981. It’s fun to hear Michael Stipe ham it up for “Rave On”; the song written by written by Sonny West, Bill Tilghman and Norman Petty, but made famous by Buddy Holly. Although the sound quality is not super (there’s a bit of a hum), it works and it’s great to see Messrs Stipe, Buck, Mills, and Berry as young men again. It even made REM’s website.

–You can still download a similar live set from April 1981 on Captain’s Dead.

If A Tree Falls: The Rise and Fall of Obscure Music Blogs Explored

The Awl has a great roundtable discussion with bloggers from former obscure music blog sites.  Many of these blogs played a significant role in exposing music left to die on the vine. Often, bloggers dipped into collections to provide vinyl and cassette rips of bands who recorded on defunct labels or using elaborate bedroom studios. Like many roundtables, lots of questions are raised and not much else. It’s worth a read.

Consider These

Bye Polar Bears – “High Tide”
The evolution of trip hop? This is a sweet pop tune that merges old and new. Bye Polar Bears are out of the UK. “High Tide” combines acoustic pop arrangement with electronic artistry. Check out more on their SoundCloud page.

Day Joy – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
A traditional tune in dream pop style.

Free Swim – “A Rip-Roaring Christmas”
This cheeky Christmas tune embraces convention and then rips the top off to reveal something more riotous. It’s available on iTunes tomorrow.

Grises – “Parfait”
A friend of ours in Spain tipped us off to this band from Zestoa, Spain. A great pop tune with a big sound. They are like a more ebullient version of Arcade Fire.

Majical Cloudz – “What That Was”
from Turns, Turns, Turns (EP)
out 3 December 2012
Devon Welsh and  Matthew Otto are Majical Cloudz an electropop outfit from outside Montreal. “What That Was” gets under your skin with pulsing rhythms, smart arrangement, and dreamy harmonies.

Videos, videos, videos

A very special jangle pop video sampler for today in honor of our dear friend, Kevin.

“It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
from Document
released September 1987

The La’s – “There She Goes”
from The La’s
released November 1990

The Smiths – “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”
from The Queen Is Dead
released 16 June 1986

Echo & The Bunnymen – “Lips Like Sugar”
from Echo & The Bunnymen
released 6 July 1987

The Ocean Blue – “Between Something & Nothing”
from The Ocean Blue
released 1989 (I want to say spring…but I can’t remember or find it)

And the original jangle poppers…:

The Searchers – “Needles and Pins”




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