The Morning Mail: 01-DEC-12


Hard to believe we’ve entered the last month of this year. Soon it will be all over, and if you believe the Mayans, it might just be. Not one to vacillate and worry about things I can’t control, I suggest we enjoy as much music as we’re able to sustain. So let’s get to it. Welcome, December!

Grab a cup of coffee and check out these:

Discover: The Wytches


Surf-grunge wunderkind, The Wytches, are a trio out of Brighton (UK). Their latest single, “Digsaw” is a fuzz-crushing mess with tinges of psych pop that will surely induce an adrenaline soaking. It is backed with “Fragile Male for Sale.” Get “Digsaw” free when you like their Facebook page or pick up the digital seven-inch on Bandcamp for the price of soda pop. You can also download their gloomy first single , “Burn Out The Bruise” below.

Check out: “Digsaw”

Check out: “Fragile Male for Sale”

Check out: “Burn Out The Bruise”

Consider These

Calling All Astronauts – “Whats So Good About”
Single out 2 December 2012
This London-based trio lay down hook heavy grooves, monster guitar riffs, and lyrics that bring back that flip off mentality with disdain for all things conventional.

The Douglas Firs – “This Great Generation!”
from The Furious Sound
out 10 December on Armellodie
Second preview track from this album, which is loosely based around the East Lothian witch trials of 1590. According to their PR materials, “Seventy persons, mainly women, were tortured, tried and burned for their supposed involvement in witchcraft.” This track was recorded within the South Leith Church, which was also the parish that led the witch hunts.

Lumerians – “Tawazula”
from Horizon Structures EP
out 10 December 2012
The Bay-area space rockers take us on a wild trip with “Tawazula.” Groovy bass line, other-worldly synth drops, and guitar reverb from some canyon in Mars. Get this free download while you can.

Pal – “Paperback” (Studio Möllan Session)
This unreleased track is part of a series of videos recorded in Malmö. It’s a nice change up for Albin Johansson, whose excellent Weeks album, favored experimental electronic arrangements.



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