The Morning Mail: 30-NOV-12


Good morning and happy Friday! Some fine selections from the inbox this morning. Enjoy!

Discover: Emil Lager


Easy, breezy country blues from this Swedish expatriate living in London. He picked up a guitar in his late teens after hearing the Rolling Stones’ “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?” (my personal fave), and he’s been engulfed in it since. His love of country blues really stands out on tracks “Time Keeps Dripping” and “Fire Escape.” Emil cites influences Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Blake for his guitar technique. The tracks we share today are his first recordings, and Emil indicates he’ll be heading back to Sweden to complete recording his first album. Enjoy what we have for now.

Check out: “You Will Kill Me”

Check out: “Time Keeps Dripping”

Watch: “Fire Escape”


Flume – “Star Eyes”
from Flume
released 9 November 2012 via Future Classic
Flume is Sydney-based artist, Harley Streten. “Star Eyes” looks at you from its bubble world in outer space. Chilly dub step feels like it was created in the cosmos. Did I mention it’s a free download?

Flutes – “Auld Archie”
from Flutes
out 3 December
We featured this track last week, and just got wind of the video today. What a perfect marriage between song and video. This powerful track resonates deeply, and the video provokes all kinds of questions. Flutes are Scots living in London.

Heyward Howkins – “Sugar Sand Stitched Lip”
from The Hale and the Hearty
released 27 July 2012
Another fine single from The Hale and the Hearty. Howkins subtle delivery is what minimalism is all about. The post-apocalyptic feel of this video recalls Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” It is directed by Tyler Costill and Alex Curro, and stars Gabriel Caste and Megan Becker.

Heyward Howkins – “Praline Country”
This a new single from Howkins’ upcoming album. He’s recording it in “live band” format. Howkins has an easy delivery and this track has a happy spirit despite it being a murder ballad. The lady is a killer.



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