Checking in on: VALUED CUSTOMER

The freaky Toronto duo known as VALUED CUSTOMER stray, just a bit, from the Resident-inspired weirdness of their previous efforts (check out Babylon Hill featured back in June) to embrace urban party people and intoxicated lounge lizards everywhere on their new album Voice/drum. The record uses keyboards, percussion, and vocals to spin tails of nightclub conquest, self-righteous boasting, and other sincere manifestations of mild or severe douche-baggery.  The songs revel in R&B, hip-hop motifs, and inebriated blue-eyed soul, building on smooth beats and juxtaposing the tenor of Patrick Power with the baritone of Justus, intertwining with lyricism and funk.

The bombast subsides partway through the album, with the gentle, reverb-drenched “Violet City, Quiet Country” (name-dropping Charles Mingus) and the mellow, narcissistic & perverted ‘Ella’. ‘White Devil’ brings us back to bizzaro-land, with paranoia and gusto, before zoning out with ‘Origami’, with the classic reprise “Stay out my fuckin’ business”.  Voice/drum is available ‘pay what you want’ via bandcamp: click here.  The boyz are also making videos for each song.  Click here to see what they’re up to.

Check Out: Lil Girl Hoochie Coo [mp3]

Check Out: Violent City, Quiet Country [mp3]


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