The Morning Mail: 27-NOV-12

This morning, we have soundz from Algernon Doll, Battleships, Lawrence Arabia, Lizzie and the Yes Men, and Unicycle Loves You.


Algernon Doll – “Son of a Gun, Brother to None”
from Camomile
released 26 November 2012 on Newtown Products
Glasgow’s Ewan Grant is Algernon Doll. His debut LP, Camomile, is as much cathartic release as it is art. It was written in the wake of a year-long struggle with anxiety and bipolar disorder. “Son of a Gun, Brother to None” begins benignly as an alt-folk burner and slowly expands into full-blown emotional explosion complete with ripping guitar solo. Grant draws favorable comparisons to Elliott Smith. Watch the video for “Spiral Sounds” below.

Battleships – “Inside”
from To You
out now
We featured Battleships back in September, and were inspired to post this track today. The Sydney-based outfit delivers on big anthems and heart ripping emotion. Lots of talent and lots of potential on display from this band.

Lawrence Arabia – “The 03”
from The Sparrow
out now via Bella Union
“The 03” is freaky power pop at it’s best. It evolves and then blossoms suddenly, but the bloom dissipates quickly. Inevitably you’ll hit repeat, because it’s that good, and this New Zealand artist has well developed pop chops. Funny thing, my wife tells me that’s my best feature.

Unicycle Loves You – “Sun Comes Out (And I Don’t Care)”
from Failure
released 14 February 2012 on Mecca Lecca
Trippy surf guitars and persistent rhythm give way to spacey vocals, recalling the Amboy Dukes tune, “Journey to the Center of Your Mind.”  We’d like to emote an earnest, “Groovy, baby!”


Algernon Doll – “Spiral Sounds”
from Camomile
released 26 November 2012 on Newtown Products
This is another track ripe with emotion. As I listen to it again and again, Grant fuses what I love best about Elliott Smith and Doves. His painful expression of feeling is complemented by a fantastic sonic arrangement, making it truly delightful to your sense of auditory perception. We need more!

Lizzy and the Yes Men – “Deserts”
Single out 10 December
This track plays out like a modern day Nancy Sinatra tune. An undeniable hook, coupled with sexuality and uncertainty. That guitar lick is still chirping in my ears. They describe their sound as “East London band with a Tarantino pop surf style.” Works for me!



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