The Morning Mail: 20-Nov-12

Good morning! Sights and sounds from the likes of The Cellophane Flowers, Flutes, RobotAlien,  Danny O’Brien & Gabriel Douglas, and The Zolas. Don’t miss the full album stream from The Cellophane Flowers (linked below), and also news from The Farewell Circuit (hint: something new is on its way).


The Cellophane Flowers – “Voices”
from Staring At The World
out 3 December 
Our second feature on The Cellophane Flowers. Two weeks ago, we featured “Rock and Roll.” “Voices” recalls an early 80’s post punk sound with jangly guitars, popping rhythms, and Francesca Corradini’s take-no-prisoners vocal approach. It’s pop with a punch. For a limited time, you can stream the album here. Aside from the two featured tracks, we’re really digging “The Promise”, the funky “Belinda”, and “In A Hole.”

Flutes – “Auld Archie”
from Flutes
out 3 December
This quintet of displaced Scots (they live in London) deliver such a powerful track! Draws inspiration from British folk and contemporary rock.  Fans of Frightened Rabbit will appreciate it. See the video for “Sand” below. Pre-order the album here.

RoBoTaLiEn – “A Little Love”
Self-described “noise pop ear destroyer” has a nice collection of material up on Bandcamp. This track is found only on SoundCloud and appears to be something recorded for the album, If You Leave, Then Please Leave With Me?, which is freely available.


Danny O’Brien & Gabriel Douglas
“I Am A Ghost”
Danny O’Brien from The Farewell Circuit joined Gabriel Douglas this summer to play an “unplugged” show at the New Century Theatre as part of the Live Letters series. This song still gives me goose pimples when I hear it. Word has it that The Farewell Circuit are ready to drop a new EP. We’re ready! If you haven’t discovered this great band may we direct you to their Bandcamp page. Lots of wonderful stuff for you to download and or purchase. BTW–Gabriel is an excellent songwriter in his own right. Stream the whole show here.

Flutes – “Sand”
from Flutes
out 3 December
It’s another splendid track with a modern rock twist. The band describes itself as “miserable yet optimistic”, which is a good way to characterize this song.

The Zolas – “Knot In My Heart”
from Ancient Mars
out now on Organ Records
Stop action video captures this track’s light-hearted groove.



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