Afternoon Edition: 19-NOV-12

It’s just a quick check-in this afternoon with a few highlights from the inbox this weekend. Tracks from Adam Evald, Alice Russell, and mystery artist, Blasé. Enjoy!


Adam Evald – “Dancing Heart”
from Love Knuckles Peace Dove 
So this is one to watch out of Malmö, Sweden. From what I can ascertain (not a ton of information to glean), this is a Pal side project with chamber music and modern arrangements. It’s a distinct departure from Pal’s electropop musings. A set of five tunes are listed on SoundCloud, presumably for an EP release. It’s very thoughtful, original material that is immediately accessible. What’s amazing is that it was recorded live at an apartment in Malmö earlier this year.Watch the video for “Swimming in Romance” below.

Blasé – “Mouths”
self-release, single
A supposed “super secret” recording artist out of Boston who specializes in lo-fi, electro pop. Put in your weekly playlist for a nice change of pace. You can download the track here.


Adam Evald – “Swimming in Romance”
from Love Knuckles Peace Dove

Alice Russell – “Heartbreaker”
out today (19 November)
Alice Russell’s soul inspired sound and Harry Shearer’s cross dressing character are like a fine Cabernet Sauvignon paired with meatloaf. Great song and the video is good for a chuckle.



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