Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 18-NOV-12

In this edition: we dump an ear worm on you with Bacon Pancakes; check out tracks from The Maldives, Ryden Ridge, and Something Beginning with L; and videos from The Farewell Circuit and Brooke Sharkey.

RAMBLE ON: Bacon Pancakes

I reserve the right to ramble, and I will today. We recently spent some time with family up north. One morning, we had breakfast at a relative’s house. It was a great spread: french toast, Quiche Lorraine, pumpkin bread, morning glory muffins, bacon, and more. At the end of breakfast, my oldest boy thanked our host, and then proceeded to say it could only get better if he had bacon pancakes. Everyone laughed, especially me, because I knew he never had them and was quoting his favorite show, Adventure Time.

Adventure Time just kicked off it’s fifth season last Monday to deserved fanfare. If you’re not familiar with this show, you’re missing out. It’s a fantastic animated series on TV.  Adventure Time captures all that is wonderful about imagination, and leaves itself open for a myriad of possibilities. Abundantly humorous, it’s appealing to children and adults. There are lots of spontaneous songs, especially of the 8-bit variety, and sublime satire on pop culture and general humanity. It’s also wont to play subtle games with its audience, and that’s why our family loves it most.

The bacon pancake reference from my son–it’s Jake the Dog singing his silly ditty, “Bacon Pancakes.” Apparently, we are not the only ones who likes it. There are over 60 versions of it (remixes and covers) between SoundCloud and YouTube. I’ve compiled a couple of our (the kids and me) favorites, below.

First, the original:

Jake the Dog – “Bacon Pancakes”
Adventure Time, Cartoon Network

And now the remixes:

Ryden Ridge“Bacon Pancakes” (Remix)
Our top spot goes to Ryden Ridge’s remix.  Ridge is an independent, electronic artist from Providence, Rhode Island. We feature his original track, “In the Meantime”, in this week’s considerations. He also has great remix of Finn the Human’s “Punch Your Buns”, which you can preview below in videos.

Gunther the Evil Penguin – “Bacon Pancakes”  (Remix)
This is a close second for favorite Bacon Pancakes remixes.

I apologize if you now have a ear worm. If you’re a musician, perhaps you’d like the chords from the song’s creator, Rebecca Sugar. I am working on a version with my kids. If it works out, I’ll put it in a DIY post.

Oh, and we’re having bacon pancakes for brekkie this morning (seriously).

Consider These

The Maldives – “I’m Gonna Try”
from Muscle For The Wing
out now on Spark & Shine Records
Captivating single from Seattle’s alt. country phenoms. Such a beautiful song, and it makes great use of atmosphere. Highly recommended, it’s one of my favorite tracks of 2012.

Ryden Ridge – “In the Meantime”
from Mirages
out now
There’s an interesting contrast of resignation and jubilation on this track. Lyrically, “In the Meantime” is dealing with an apparent break up and the feelings that follow, while the composition is ebullient chill wave with heavy synth grooves and beats. Purchase Mirages on iTunes.

Something Beginning with L
“Last Night’s Party” and
from Beautiful Ground
out now on Aremellodie
Here’s a pair from an excellent album released last year that we missed. It’s always weird when we miss one, but it demonstrates how much great music is out there. The London-based trio take the baton from the likes of Radiohead and The Breeders, and run ahead of the pack on this debut release. High repeat play value, and there’s a great experimental spirit to it. Available on Bandcamp and eMusic.

“Last Night’s Party”


Videos, videos, videos…

The Farewell Circuit – “The Light”
Live at the Turf Club in St. Paul
Our favorite indie band from the Minneapolis-St.Paul area tears it up in an inspiring performance. Love the energy from the band on this one. Check out their catalog on Bandcamp.

Brooke Sharkey – “Our Ways”
from One Dress
out 5 December (self-release)
Such panache! What a pairing of song and video. There’s a bit of street musician, a bit of cabaret, and lot of flair to this track as Sharkey croons mellifluously in English and French.  Directed by Marie Blanchet.

Finn the Human – “Punch Your Buns” (Ryden Ridge Remix)
from Adventure Time

Cheers…time to make pancakes.


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