Sunday Afternoon Music Break

Random tracks we stumbled upon recently through several sources. It’s a nice mix of new tunes from relatively obscure bands. There are trio of tunes from a band that was ‘indie’ before indie became famous. Enjoy!

Cuddly Shark – “Body Mass Index”
from Body Mass Index
out now on Armellodie
This Scottish trio combines everything we love about the Pixies and The Violent Femmes. Loud, raucous and comedic, it’s a perplexing mess. Is it his BMI or is it something else? The latter is a sobering fact no one wants to hear.

The Douglas Firs – “Backroads”
from The Furious Sound
out 10 December on Armellodie
Loosely based around the East Lothian witch trials of 1590, The Furious Sound is an exploration of the horrors wrought by humans. “Backroads” captures the feeling of heading down a backroad on horseback at night. It’s ominous.

The June Brides
“Suzy is a Headbanger” (Ramones Cover)
live in Leicester, 1986
A pair of tracks that Phil Wilson of the June Brides loaded up and tweeted about this afternoon. It’s a serviceable Ramones cover and a very good version of “Comfort.” A little more than 25 years later, they’re back together. Perhaps a bit more tame, but the music maintains that indie spirit.

“Suzy is a Headbanger”


The June Brides – “Cloud”
and here’s what they sound like now….

Little Green Cars – “The John Wayne”
out now on Glassnote
Irish band just signed with Glassnote this September. “The John Wayne” comes at you strongly with both guns blazing. Big harmonies, big guitar sound, and it’s all driven by a big beat.

Night Moves – “Country Queen”
from Colored Emotions
out now on Domino
Minneapolis-based rock band brings back a sound that pre-dates the alternative era (1980- and beyond) and makes it their own. Love the heavy keyboard on this track, and the old school psychedelic sound.

The Pure Conjecture – “Knock Three Times”
from Courgettes
out now on Armellodie
The Pure Conjecture is a 10-piece act out of Brighton (UK) and includes members of British Sea Power, Brakes, Electric Soft Parade and The Hazey Janes. Their sound is soul influenced, but sounds like throw back stuff I enjoyed as a tike in the 70’s.

Trapped Mice – “Night Of Broken Glass”
from Winter Sun
out now on Armellodie Records
A true gem of a song. Vocalist Ian Tilling sounds like a modern-day Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) backed by Fairport Convention. Brilliant songwriting.

Your New Antique – “Chemistry”
out now via The Animal Farm
Frenetic, jangly guitars give way to pulsing keys on this second single from Your New Antique. The quartet from Huddersfield (UK) term their sound as ‘dark pop.’ It’s like speed pop to me, think The Church’s “Reptile” with giant balls.



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