The Morning Mail: 17-Nov-12

From the inbox and beyond, we have Irvin Dally, Adam George, Morning Harvey, Pearl and the Beard, and Tyrannosaurus Rules.

Irvin Dally
“Tonight I’ll Be Here Staying With You”
(Bob Dylan cover)
from Ice Cream Session
Irvin Dally makes this cover his own. It’s a chill scene with people casually listening, as Dally splendidly delivers Dylan’s ditty.

Adam George – “Clocks”
from Black Rainbow (EP)
out TBD
Adam George is a singer-songwriter out of Sydney, Australia.  He produces a minimalistic brand of pop that conveys a sense of the mystic. “Clocks” captures that sense of being present, but far away at once. Being lost at sea, where so much is around and yet isolated.

Morning Harvey – “Don’t Try It”
Hazy, reverb drenched sound like grunge for an opium den. This quintet from Brisbane cites Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols as influences. That’s about right.

Pearl and the Beard – 40K
from Killing the Darlings
out now on Family Records 
Not sure what this song has to do with a zombie apocalypse, maybe the haunting background vocals? Apparently this was a shared vision by the band. You know, zombies are in and vampires are out?  Good track, better album. They’re wrapping up a tour where they split time between headlining with Lucius & You Won’t and supporting Ani DiFranco. Check the dates here.

Tyrannosaurus Rules – “Sum Assault”
from Tyrannosaurus Rules (EP)
out now on Bandcamp
This week’s Friday Free Feature (J. Francis) is also the lead singer of the alternative power pop act, Tyrannosaurus Rules. This EP is another free download on Bandcamp. “Sum Assault” is a play on the word somersault, where one rolls away from commitments and feelings. Somersaulting or rolling away is a sum assault on someone’s feelings. Get it?



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