The Morning Mail: 13-Nov-12

This morning sounds from Fossil Collective, Ghost Beach, Jim James, Bo Keeney, Brooke Sharkey, and The Sweet Serenades. Vids from Duologue, Bo Keeney, and The Sweet Serenades.


Fossil Collective – “Rivers Edge”
from On & On (EP)
out now on Dirty Hit
This is a lovely pop tune, loaded with imagery. Fossil Collective couples the rich English tradition of folk music with modern notions of songwriting and arrangement. On & On is a thoroughly entertaining collection of songs, and you can stream the entire release here.

Ghost Beach – “Faded”
from Modern Tongues (EP)
out now on Crazy Heart Records
Ghost Beach is a duo out of NYC who term their music ‘tropcial grit pop.’ It’s modern synth pop with huge hooks and grooves. You can stream the whole EP here.

Jim James – “Know Til Now”
from Regions of Light and Sound of God
out 5 February 2013 
Jim James (My Morning Jacket) has always been a soulful singer, and he channels Curtis Mayfield on his latest single, “Know Til Now.” Round about 4 mins 15 secs the bridge becomes an interesting convergence of jazz, soul and boogie woogie (it’s what I hear anyway). I have to admit having to listen to it a few times before warming up to it, but connected more with each play. Get the free download here.

Bo Keeney – “Don’t You Worry”
from Don’t You Worry (EP)
out 9 December on Stranger Records
Stick with this one beyond the thirty second like-hate barometer most of us use. It’s worth the wait, and proves to be an interesting pop song with a bridge from nowhere–it’s a bit Beatlesque. Keeney twists the pop genre into something foreign, yet familiar. Video is below.

Brooke Sharkey – “His Voice”
from One Dress
out 5 December (self-release)
Beautiful pop folk song, that was recorded live (as was much of the album). It has a nice little bridge in it too! Brooke has traveled all over Europe, and polished her performance and songwriting whilst busking in her early days. She still busks in and around London. It’s proven successful, as she’s found, gigged and recorded with some excellent musicians she’s met while busking.

The Sweet Serenades – “After All The Violence”
from HELP ME!
out now 
This third single from the Swedish duo is a duet with Karolina Komstedt from Club 8. “After All The Violence” is a love song of sorts with themes of uncertainty and doubt following conflict.  It’s a bit more atmospheric with synths, ice cold reverb on vocals, a glockenspiel, and very subtle rhythm guitar to add to the air of uncertainty. They’ve previously worked with Komstedt in 2009 on the track, “Die Young” from Balcony Cigarettes. You can watch the video for that below.


Duologue – “Underworld”
from Song & Dance
out 18 February 2013 on Killing Moon
This track is out now as part of a double A-side with Zeros. “Underworld” will recall OK Computer-era Radiohead in its subtle arrangement and melancholic atmosphere. In the past, we’ve featured “Get Out While You Can” and “Push It.” It’s good to see Duologue on the path of progress.

Bo Keeney – “Don’t You Worry”
from Don’t You Worry (EP)
out 9 December on Stranger Records

The Sweet Serenades – “Die Young”
from Balcony Cigarettes


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