Friday Free Feature: The Rebel Light S/T

The Los Angeles band, The Rebel Light, has a DIY spirit and a magnificent pop heart. They recorded and mixed this debut recording in places familiar to bedroom recording artists, having recorded vocals in a bathroom and drums in a shed. As any DIY artist will tell you, it’s those special places from which one can draw inspiration that counts. The listener will not be any worse for being wise, as this EP soars above its primitive recording spaces.

The EP’s official release date is November 13, but The Rebel Light is making it available digitally this week. Go download it while you can. You’ll enjoy their inventive arrangements and power pop sensibilities.

AND FOR YOU SO-CAL folks, The Rebel Light are playing School Night at Bardot on Nov 12th in Los Angeles where they are giving away free copies of their new EP. GO SEE ‘EM!

Check out:Goodbye Serenade

Download/Stream: The Rebel Light EP:
Bandcamp | Noisetrade

Happy Friday!


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