The Morning Mail: 05-Nov-12

Good morning! The inbox is ripe with material, and it’s a day for true indie artists as we have new sounds from Dear Tom, Log Across the Washer, Rare Monk, The 1975, and 2WAY4SPEAKERS.

Dear Tom – “Golden Water”
from Kranich
out now on Fairplay Records
Discover breathtaking minimalist instrumental material from this Berlin-based trio on Kranich. You can download the entire five-track recording for as little as .75 Euros (which is less than $1 USD) or add a little more to be nice.

Log Across the Washer
Season Opener Against Ohio

from 2012 The Season Opener Against Ohio
out now on Bandcamp
Tyler Keane is back with another LP that “logs” in at 35 minutes. “Season Opener Against Ohio” is crisp, lo-fi indie pop that typifies the stripped down sound on this album. As with other Log Across the Washer  albums, you can pay what you want for it on Bandcamp.

Rare Monk – “Death By Proxy”
from Death By Proxy (EP)
out now on Bandcamp
The title track from this EP is a catchy indie pop/rock number with a nice hook. This is a bit more traditional rock than you would expect from a Portland-based band (I mean where are the horns?–j/k) that gets a little adventurous on the track “Underground” and turns up a post-rock jam  on “Mama Bear.” Methinks these Portlanders like to rock out when they have the chance. Did I mention this is a FREE DOWNLOAD?

The 1975 – “You”
from Sex (EP)
out 20 November on Dirty Hit Records
Your classic pop anthem that has the ability to make your skin tingle if you’re in the right mood. The Manchester-based indie rock band is taking pre-orders on Itunes now.

2WAYS4SPEAKERS – “Honest & Liars”
Video is rated for 18 and older, because of wanton cannibalism and suggestive sexual situations–in other words, it may be NSFW. For some of you, this one may be good just for listening, so downsize the browser after hitting play. This is a snappy dance track that will brighten your day if you let it. The video may appeal to those of you who enjoy a little warped humor.



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