Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 10.28.12

In this edition: keeping it simple with music and videos today, as we endure Hurricane Sandy’s westward storm front. So far, we’re good here. Sounds from The Dead Heads, Faunts, Ginger & Drum, Solomon Grey, Nite Fields, The Ocean Floor, and Stop Light Observations. Sights from Django Django, M83, Moones, The Ocean Floor, and Wild Nothing.

Consider These

Big Tree – “Time”
from Little EP
out 6 November on Tricycle Records
Twee alert! Sweet harmonies, golden sounds from guitars, and an infectious back beat will draw you in like a bee seeking the delicious nectar of a beautiful lily. The Bay area quintet make great use of their diverse talents.

The Dead Heads – “When I’m Dead [mp3]
from Go Ape Shit
out now on The A&R Department
Grunge-ladened shoegazer rock from this Sydney-based quintet. This track is a perfect candidate for your Halloween mix. They cite the Jesus and Mary Chain and The Brian Jonestown Massacre as influences, and they are true to that combination.

Faunts – “What I’d Love To Hear You Say”
from Left Here Alone (EP)
out 20 November on Friendly Fire Recordings
The new Faunts track is a beautiful slow-burner fueled by clever samples, soft harmonies and one sweet, crawling guitar lick.

Ginger & Drum – “Backstreets
from upcoming EP
out soon on The A&R Department
The Sydney-based duo spent time sharpening their chops in Sweden and San Diego before returning back to Australia to work on their debut EP. “Backstreets”  is lush pop music with bright synth tones, big beats and Ginger’s warm vocals.

Solomon Grey – “Firechild”
from Solomon Grey
out soon!
This is a hypnotic electro-dance track for fans of TV on the Radio and Twin Shadow. Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson form Solomon Grey. The pair met in Wilson’s home town of Oxford where Kingston performed his university studies. Over a three year period with stops in Ireland and Australia the pair worked to construct, record and release their eponymous debut.

Nite Fields – “Vacation
from Vacation 7″ (limited release)
out 17 November on Lost Race Records
Jesus and Mary Chain! This is dark, dense and lovely. Has a snare drum ever sounded so gloomy? Check out more from the Nite Fields on SoundCloud.

The Ocean Floor – “My Shelf”
from Falling Star Castle
out 27 November on SGMG Records
Another reason to love Portland, a city where quirky folk and pop music thrive. It’s like they all push themselves to see who can top who. This track is full of layers of violin, glockenspiel, and oddly timed and then on-time backing vocals. Watch the video below with a full description of the song’s story.

Stop Light Observations – “Search Into Your Soul”
from The Zoo, self-release
And now for a true indie band… Out of Charleston, SC, Stop Light Observations takes the traditional sounds found in gospel, soul, blues and roots rock to develop their brand of indie rock. They recently won Charleston’s Last Band Standing, and now expand beyond that with a SoundCloud stream of their debut, The Zoo. Purchase it here.

Videos, videos, videos…

Django Django – “Hail Bop”
from Django Django
out now on Because Music
If you haven’t picked up their self-titled debut LP, you should. Guitar-driven new wave that we have not seen since DEVO packed it in decades ago. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for great music picks.

M83 – “Steve McQueen”
from Hurry Up We’re Dreaming

out now on Mute
With the release of this video, M83 celebrates the year anniversary of the impressive, Hurry Up We’re Dreaming.

Moones – “Better Energy”
this video totally kicks ass…The song is damn good too! Love the breakneck beat, it’s like Madness on hyperdrive. For this video, Moones was nominated in two categories for this year’s UK Music Video Awards.

The Ocean Floor – “My Shelf”
Beautiful origami! As promised, the story from the source: “My Shelf is the product of a year of Thursdays of folding, cutting, gluing, and laughing. The video portrays the song’s narrative interpreted by “Dolores” the Loris and “Arthur” the Orangutan. This tale of poorly timed feelings and unspoken longing sets the stage for the rest of Falling Star Castle’s journey into imagination and dreamings of perfection. It was directed by Kurtis Hough (Six Organs of Admittance, Colin Stetson, Rachel Grimes).”–Lane from the Ocean Floor

Wild Nothing – “Paradise”
from Nocturne

out now on Captured Tracks
Not that they needed her, but Wild Nothing get Michelle Williams to star in this video. Love that she uses a Sanyo personal cassette player on her flight. The TWA sign at the end contributes to the synth pop nostalgia.



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