Friday Free Feature: Long Long Long – S/T LP

Apparently, Halifax (Nova Scotia) has a pretty good music scene. At least that’s what I can surmise when I stumbled upon Long Long Long‘s self-titled debut. When you download it free on Bandcamp, they link you to other acts in the area. There’s lots there, but we really dig this release (as well as others by LLL–lot’s of good stuff). It’s pop punk with an experimental undercurrent. Whenever I think about living on an island or somewhere that might as well be an island (think Lawrence, KS), I imagine that one of two things happen–you get bored out of your tree or it inspires the creative juices to flow. The latter clearly occurs on this release.

Normally, I try to avoid posting “name your price” recordings on the free feature, but LLL has a Mediafire link and I imagine they are ok with this post. I think they would be okay with you throwing some coins their way too. Do what you can, spread the word, give money, and enjoy!

Check out:David, Burninggg Down the Haus” [mp3]

Download/Stream: Long Long Long [Bandcamp]

Follow: Long Long Long on Bandcamp

Happy Friday!


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