The New 10.24.12

Other Lives – Take Us Alive [mp3] (from Mind the Gap EP, out yesterday)
Majestic art-rock from Stillwater, OK band that receives love letters from Thom Yorke.

GRMLN Coral [mp3] (from Explore, out yesterday on Car Park Records)
19 year-old Japanese UC-Santa Cruz student Yoodoo Park is GRMLN – his music is guitar-driven dream pop inspired by surfing and California skies.

Paul Banks – The Base [mp3] (from Banks, out yesterday)
Interpol lead-singer drops the Julian Plenti pseudonym and renders Interpol-style jams with a bit more personal flair.

dEUS – Keep You Close [mp3] (from Keep You Close, released in the U.S. yesterday)
Vivid, captivating Belgian art rock.

Thomas Azier – Fire Arrow [mp3] (from Hylas 002 EP, out now)
Another mini-epic from Berlin-based electro-pop purveyor with a penchant for heavy drums, 80’s synth tones, droning electronic noises, and finger-snapping pop sensibilities.

Talk Normal– Cover [mp3] (from Sunshine, out yesterday on Joyful Noise Recordings)
Brooklynites Sarah Register and Andrya Ambro can claim the “cool crowd” as their own.  They’ve shared the stage with Sonic Youth, Wire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Zola Jesus, did a split 7” with Thurston Moore, and they will tour this fall with Future Islands.  This tune, from their sophomore album, is replete with obtuse rhythm, smooth echoing guitar riff, simple organ chords, and strange, desperate vocal harmonies.

Dirt – {Ø} (Empty Sets) [mp3] (from Ø single – available now, pay what you want)
Omaha kids make fuzz rock that will make you all warm and skuzzy.

Calisota – Varva [mp3] (from Selves trilogy, to be released fall/winter 2012)
A followup to the spacious experimental ‘Pine Grove EP’, Olle Bilius (of Jeniferever) explores “a transcendent state of mind where the alternative courses your life might have taken, and the path you did happen to choose, intertwine. It’s a meditation on lives never lived, but also a celebration of the journey underway.”

GET PEOPLE – Back to Dust [mp3] (Back to Dust single, out Nov 19th on Luv Luv Records)
Working at a feverish pace that would impress Liverpudlians, this synth-pop London foursome offer up another excellent track that has superb atmosphere and production.


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