REVIEW: Quiet Loudly – “Go Into the Light Smiling”

Released in July, Go Into the Light Smiling is the second LP from the Brooklyn rock band, Quiet Loudly. The quartet takes a major leap forward, delivering a complete album, rich in sonic texture with roots in blue-eyed soul and bluesy psychedelic rock.

The first release off the album, “It’s Not The End Of The World (If It’s The End Of The World)”, is a ripping farcical ballad, merging seemingly  disparate styles with boisterous guitar riffs and doo wop era backing vocals. “My Trusted Betrayer” lays a heavy psych rock foundation, and features John Weingarten’s adroit technique on keys. “Be My Baby (Mama)” uses satire to tackle the urge to merge, as the band utters, “You could rescue my bloodline…” while delivering an arena-rock style power anthem.

The great leap forward on this album is subtle, and evidenced by intricate tracks such as “You Were The Leaves” and “Sometimes I Forget.” There is a clarity, a refinement on this current LP that did not exist on the last album or previous single releases.  If Soul Gazer‘s “I Gave Her The Ocean” displayed Quiet Loudly’s potential, “Patsy On The Rocks” fulfills that promise. It is possibly the finest track on the album, played crisply in long-form song construction, yet springing to life from improved recording techniques, songwriting, and production.

Go Into The Light Smiling embraces tradition, yet produces a sound all its own. It reminds us what Bruce Springsteen tried to explain at this year’s SXSW keynote address: the best rock-n-roll recognizes its foundation, but tweaks it enough where perspective becomes fresh and innovation realized.

Lyrics – 16
Composition – 16
Musicianship – 16
Production – 18
Originality – 7
Intangibles – 7

Overall: 80 (Recommended)

Check out: “It’s Not The End of the World (If It’s the End of the World)”

Download/Purchase: Go Into The Light Smiling



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