Something for Later Volume 8

Volume 8 in the series that focuses on experimental rock, avantgarde pop, electronic music, and freak folk.  Click here to download a ZIP file of gapless mix with album art.

Something for Later Volume 8

1.   Inspired & The Sleep – And As These Days Go By (single)
2.   Eric Copeland – Flushing Meats (from Flushing Meats)
3.   Solos – Carpe Diem (from Beast of Both Worlds)
4.   Foxygen – Make It Known (from Take the Kids Off Broadway)
5.   Shout Out Out Out Out – Now That I’ve Given Up Hope, I Feel Much Better (from Spanish Moss and Total Loss)
6.   Black Marble – A Great Design (from A Different Arrangement)
7.   Violet – Lovers (from MELTS)
8.   Ormonde – Can’t Imagine (from Machine)
9.   Videotape – Static (from This Is Disconnect)
10. Point Reyes – Golden (from Golden)
11. Dazzletine – Plumage (from Heart, Mind, Bodies)
12. While – Marriage Riots (from While is Vanity)
13. Jaggery – No Sympathy (from Private Violence)
14. Mystical Weapons – Mechanical Mammoth (from Mystical Weapons)
15. Lymbyc System – Prairie School (from Symbolyst)
16. Purity Ring – Fineshrine (from Shrines)
17. The Belinda Buthers – Hai bby (from Goodbyes)
18. Rebecca Brandt – Run (from Numbers & Shapes)
19. Taken by Trees – Dream (from Other Worlds)
20. Weather Balloons – Suck Crimped Pricks ‘Cus (from Shooting Remote Aluminum)
21. Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams (from Apocalypse Dreams)

— Cheers


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