The Morning Mail: 09-Oct-12

Today’s picks from the inbox include Crash and the ‘Coots, Fierce Creatures, Great Caesar, Wendy James, Jordan Klassen, MØ, and Oh No! Yoko. Vids from Great Caesar, MØ, and Oh No! Yoko as well.


Crash and the ‘Coots – “Brian Fury Wins!” (Alt. Version)
from John Coles Park
out on limited cassette edition on October 14
Not really lo fi, just subdued vocals. Lo fi is guy in his room with a cassette recorder. It’s cool post punk pop. This version reminds of the song “Crush” (off the album of the same name) from OMD, which is much more sedate, but conveys the same vibe. Download it, mix it, share it with friends. While yer at it, check out their SoundCloud page.

Here is the original (far more upbeat):

Fierce Creatures – “Catacomb Party”
from Catacomb Party
out now on Paper Garden Records
This is definitely track for a Halloween mix. Can’t believed I missed this band before the release. A spooky, new wavish kind of tune with great backing vocals. Check out the album stream on SoundCloud. Watch the video for “Catacomb Party” below.

Great Caesar – “Tuned to Break”
from Scattered Air (EP)
out October 16
A chamber rock band out of Brooklyn, who recently played with I’m In You (who we featured yesterday). “Tuned to Break” is one of those tunes written for a live audience, it jumps out with power and emotion. Great Caesar are set to release their newest Scattered Air EP on 10/16 just ahead of an EP release show on 10/18 at Arlene’s Grocery (10pm) as part of the CMJ Music Marathon.

Wendy James
“It’s All Right Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” (Bob Dylan cover)
from “You’re So Great” b/w “It’s All Right Ma”
out now on Cobraside
I think most folks agree that the best Dylan cover is Hendrix’s All Around the Watchtower. I believe Dylan is quoted as saying that he unwittingly wrote it for Hendrix or something like that. Anyway, I dig this cover. It presses a bit to be cool, but it’s got a great groove. It benefits from a very good backing band.

Jordan Klassen – “Go To Me”
from Kindness (EP)
out now on Bandcamp
Klassen is out of Vancouver and his vocals are reminiscent of another Vancouverite, A.C. Newman. “Go To Me” is a vibrant track, that leaps into your ears, tickles your hypothalamus, and exits graciously. Be sure to check out more on Bandcamp.

– “Pilgrim” 
MØ is the alias of Karen Marie Ørsted out of Denmark. She is making an appearance at CMJ next week, and planning to play a show or two while in NYC. “Pilgrim” crushes with reggae horns, random “hollas” and Ørsted’s cool delivery. Check out the video below for her other single, “Maiden.”

Oh No! Yoko – “Mimi Ash”
from Sorrow (EP)
out November 19
A little proggy, a little poppy and quite frenetic, this Canadian trio push it along on “Mimi Ash.” They are headed on a massive European tour this fall–check it.


Fierce Creatures – “Catacomb Party”
from Catacomb Party
out now on Paper Garden Records
“I mean if that’s where you want to party, I’m…I’m cool with that.” Directed by Jeffrey Prosser.

Great Caesar – “Tuned to Break” (Acoustic)
from Scattered Air (EP)
out 10/16

 – “Maiden”

Ah, the “buzz machine” at work. That stated, it doesn’t get into the post if we don’t like it. Not really a video, but you get to peep another single. MØ croons over ambient noise and blissful beats, it’s a nice change up.



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