The Morning Mail: 08-Oct-12

Good Monday morning! Let’s get the week started off right, shall we? Sounds provided by Ellen and the Escapades, I’m In You, The Laurels, Dan Mangan, Moon Duo, The Mouths of Ghosts, No Zu, Talk Banana, and Tall Ships. Vids from Cemeteries, Ellen and the Escapades, The Mouths of Ghosts, and No Zu. Enjoy!


Ellen and the Escapades – “Without You”
from All the Crooked Scenes
out now on Branch Out Records
A bouncy tune that mixes elements of jangle pop and nu-folk. It’s a pleasant little ditty that will help you with that first cup of coffee in the morning. The official single release is on October 21. See the video for “Can’t Make It So” below.

I’m In You – “Ex-Cult”
from Trust
out soon, self release
Strong rhythm and dark mood propel this track. This is the first track we’ve heard with a female vocalist. They held a release party last week at Union Pool (Brooklyn) with The Flag and Great Caesar. We featured this band earlier this year, and they have nice group of recordings you can explore on Bandcamp.

The Laurels – “Tidal Wave” 
from Plains
out now on Rice Is Nice
Atmospheric indie rock that reminds a lot of Doves (UK) and maybe a little like Oasis. Pick up a copy of Plains here.


Dan Mangan
“We Want To Be Pleasantly Surprised, Not Expectedly Let Down”
from 7″ b/w “Stairway” (Yukon Blonde cover)
out October 16 on Arts & Crafts
I guess I shouldn’t expect any less from Dan Mangan. Blew me away on the first listen. It’s full of abrupt transitions and contrasts, Mangan’s voice stays steady and solemn.

Moon Duo – “Sleepwalker”
from Circles
out now on Sacred Bones
Straight up trippy stuff, loaded with spacey atmosphere and pulsing bass. The perfect soundtrack for a midnight rave.

The Mouth of Ghosts – “When The Sun Sets”
7″ b/w “Close”
out October 29 on Red Dragon Records
Enchanting single with satin smooth vocals provided by Ms. Alla Seydalieva. Loaded with texture thanks to Simon Langford’s wonderfully sublime guitar work, Marco Italia’s punchy bass, Phil Page on drums, and Valerie Deniz’s subtle touches on synth. The London-based quintet captured the ear of Mr. Tom Robinson of BBC6, and that’s usually a good sign.  Watch the video below.

No Zu – “Fa Foma Fi”
from Life
out  now on Sensory Projects
No Zu is an octet out of Melbourne (AU). Their latest single,”Fa Foma Fi”, is full of funky rhythms with a big nod to funk masters of old. You can pay what you want for this track on Bandcamp. If you like this track, check out the video below for “Emotion.”

Talk Banana – “¶ ► ♠ Œ∆³ª¨√♦§° ±”
who knows… just listen

The other day, I received an email with this SoundCloud link. It read, “I am Talk Banana.” That’s it. It is really riveting lo-fi with influences ranging from The Beatles, Neil Young and early Pavement (that’s what I hear anyway). Talk Banana is John Murphy from Avon (not sure if it is Massachusetts or North Carolina or another state). Enjoy!

Tall Ships – “T=O”
from Everything Touching
out TODAY on Big Scary Monsters/Blood and Biscuits
In the past, we featured “Gallop.” “T=O” is a sonic explosion, a whirlwind of guitars and drums. This post is a reminder that Everything Touching is finally out, TODAY! Get it…


Cemeteries – “Summer Smoke”
from The Wilderness
out October 23 on Lefse Records
A pervasive sense of loneliness as it depicts the memories of a child “outsider.” It is skillfully directed by Nolan Wilson Goff.

Ellen and the Escapades – “Can’t Make It So”
from All the Crooked Scenes
out now on Branch Out Records
I love videos that bring you into a “studio” environment. This is a really lovely tune. I have feeling that this band has staying power. I love Ellen’s accent too! I wish my wife would let me clog up the living room with my instruments and recording equipment. Maybe if I was a better musician. Enjoy this:

The Mouth of Ghosts – “When The Sun Sets”
7″ b/w “Close”
out October 29 on Red Dragon Records
The video does nothing to detract from the song. Good direction and great use of lighting. Stream the single above.

No Zu – “Emotion”
from Life
out  now on Sensory Projects
With No Zu, we are witnessing an evolution of sound, and this time they build off a foundation of Talking Heads with tribal beats, inaudible lyrics, and a swinging groove. The video is pretty trippy too. Again, you can pay what you want on Bandcamp for this single.



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